CARE CENTRED LTD is a Home Based Care services provider with years of excellence in this industry.

Our workforce is comprised of very passionate, committed but highly-skilled and competent management /professionals and administrative support drawn from the NHS, Scoial services, Councils etc., to supply care services for the elderly, sick and vulnerable people in the society.

Our client base includes Private, Local Council, CCG, NHS etc..

Our skilled workforce are trained to provide care for the;
* elderly
* people suffering from Dementia/meomory loss.
* people with complex care at home. This includes brain and chronic disease and cognitive problems.
* people with mobility problems.
* people with learning disability and vulnerable in society.
* epileptic 
* palliative care
We provide care in people's own homes but extends it to other establishments such as nursing homes, hospitals, support accomodations, apartments etc. 

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At Care Centred Ltd, we are for you and your family at home when you may feel like no-one else is, to help you cope when you don’t know how. We’ll be by your side with care and support every step of the way.

I sincerely believe everyone living with a illness should be able to get the most from the time they have left, however hard that may sometimes feel. And this is what our dedicated team ensures is achieved daily for our service users We are what we do daily[ bringing smiles to the faces of our service users and the families
Personal Care
Nursing Support
Domestic Support
Medication Support