• Support with bills payments and shopping
  • Laundry and cleaning
  • Recreational outings
  • Support with cooking
  • ​Support with Independent Living

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*   Wandsworth
*   Richmond
With Care Centred Ltd, homecare services means you do not have to make many or any changes in your lifestyle to receive support and assistance you may be in need for aspects of day to day life. Support canbe provided as little as 30 or 45 minutes or an hour and 4 times daily throughout the week. 
  1. Personal Care
    The care and support you requires will be as individual as you are. With our homecare services you will receive personalised care tailored to you, your requirements and how you live day to day life.
  2. Trained Staff
    All our staffs are well-trained, skilled, and competent suitably paired with service user's needs. Staffs are spot checked and supervised to ensure everyday's service is based on 'quality'
  3. Health Specialists
    We work to promote your health and well-being. We ensure we work hand-in-hand with GP's, District nuses, Occupational therapists etc to ensure your good health.
  4. Palliative Care
    We ensure your loved-ones are properly cared for until they depart us peacefully to eternity.
  5. Dementia Care
    The most important aspect of homecare services is that you get to remain in your own home. You will be able to continue to live as you are used to, surrounded by your own comforts, the neighbours you've known for years, where you hold cherished memories and where your family come to visit. This familiarity is especially important with conditions affecting memory loss like dementia
  6. Nursing Care
    Your support at home is our passion, therefore, even if you cannot do any task yourself; our Care workers are trained to support you.